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Infested by Allegedly Corrupt Renegades; When Will They Be Judged?


Cluck, Cluck; Cluck, Cluck Cluck.
Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Keith Olson has been vacationing in sunny Puerto Rico this past week. The distance has however not removed him from being scrutinized with respect to many past allegations.  It seems he remains the subject of yet another internal investigation that begs for outside, independent investigation. It’s not that Yonkers Internal Affairs Department (IAD) is incapable of such an investigating or of uncovering any allegations, should they be proven or not, it’s what’s done with those “findings” that is unnerving. IAD reports have been apprehended by some whose conduct reeks of political intrusion and interference.

There clearly seem to be two standards within the Yonkers Police Department (YPD). One standard is specific to the working street cop, who follows directives every day, and another for the likes of Olson and his patronage mill of known cronies. A litany of records and reports reflect that this was not the first investigation against the union leader.  Does outside political interference trump and manipulate New York State and Federal laws and guidelines?  Who has the wherewithal to interfere with a NYS Police Agency? That will be the issue that will eventually rest before Yonkersites and outside investigators to infer and deduce despite the political quagmire that has grown out of control in the City of Yonkers (CoY).

Sometime in December 2014, a memorandum was issued by Yonkers Police Commissioner (PC) Charles Gardner who recognized that Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and his “buddies”, Fourth Police Precinct Captain John Mueller, and Detective Sergeant Brian Moran were allegedly behind several unauthorized investigations which if proven, clearly violate departmental rules and regulations, as well as New York State s regarding their targeting members of the Captain, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA), and certain Yonkers PBA members. The memorandum was quickly designated the “Keith Olson Rule”, because most of the rank and file attest Olson was behind the quietly conducted, though unauthorized investigations. The “Keith Olson Rule” memorandum was ordered to be read for twelve consecutive Roll Calls throughout the YPD.  As the union leader, one may infer PBA President Olson was fully cognizant of the memorandum and its contents.

Since the “Keith Olson Rule” was issued, specifically at the January 2014th PBA meeting, the catalyst behind the most current IAD investigation into Keith Olson was initialized.  As the Yonkers Tribune would come to learn, much became apparent during a cold January night. Sources report that during that January meeting, Olson and PBA Legal Counsel Andrew Quinn, Esq., were questioned by PBA members regarding one of the allegedly worst contracts in the state, specifically with respect to General Municipal Law 207-c, in which Olson sold his soul to Mayor Mike Spano so as to hold onto his seat as Yonkers PBA President for political influence and the hopes of patronage jobs, such as the one given to his sister Kelly Chiarella, within two-weeks after the contract was ratified. The contract placed the PBA membership at a legal disadvantage against CoY with regard to General Municipal Law 207-c.  The contract was anything but fair to the members of the YPD membership. The contract also chopped away at members’ salaries, and their vacation time. Since the ratification of the PBA contract, I.A.F.F. Local 628, and CLSA have refused the city’s offer.

Sources note that Olson staged an incident and reportedly had his union “thug” trustees stand at the entrance door to the Dunwoodie Hall as members entered into the room. One of those trustees was Police Officer William Pataky of the Fourth Police Precinct, chatter reportedly defines Pataky to be Captain John Mueller’s go to guy to put down any precinct union issues. In return, Mueller allegedly feeds Pataky with overtime over other precinct members.  As attending personnel sort answers, Olson did what any other “dirty politician” would do which was to either not answer the question directly or deflect it back as a question. When it was clear that Olson knew nothing of the newly passed 207-c, Andrew Quinn, the PBA attorney attempted to fill in the blanks. However, after all the rhetoric cleared, Quinn is said to have finally admitted that the union conceded to the Yonkers City Hall’s demands, and the burden of proof was no longer on CoY to prove if officers were entitled to the crucial benefits of the NYS General Municipal Law, but was switched and placed on the members’ shoulders. That crucial change would also add emotional and financial strain to the families of members if the department chose to stop the benefits to the injured or sick officer.

According to inside sources, Olson continued to play charades with the questions. As a member attempted to make his way out of the meeting, Yonkers PBA President Olson yelled out, “Don’t let that guy leave the room, this next issue pertains to him”.  Words were thereafter exchanged between Olson and the member who continued to make his way out of the meeting. As the member reached the exit door, PBA Union Trustee William Pataky attempted to verbally, and physically impede the exiting member from leaving. This is the same William Pataky that was featured in the Erik Shilling article published in The Journal News on April7, 2014, entitled: "2 Yonkers Cops Named in 14 Misconduct Lawsuits." 

Pataky was clearly heard mouthing epithets, explicit profanity toward that member who reports say was is a Yonkers Police Detective. Pataky told that member he could not leave the room because Olson was not finished with him. Sources and witnesses report that Pataky was clearly motioning his hands towards that member’s face. Other union trustees who were with Pataky were heard yelling, “Hold him”.  As any normal person would expect, mayhem broke out between union officials and attending members.

The melée came and went like a summer rainstorm, and that Detective was finally able to leave. It was then finally clear to all the members why Olson and his Union “thug” Trustee Pataky wanted him to stay.  Yonkers PBA union leader Olson introduced, and read by-laws to begin the expulsion procedures against Detective Raymond Montero of the Yonkers Police Department’s Narcotics/Gang unit, a former Yonkers PBA Vice President, and a twenty-five-year, recognized and well-decorated Police Detective who reports indicate pulled two wounded New York State Troopers from a fire fight during an early morning raid in which the suspect was shot and killed in The Bronx.

Why would any union president want to expel any union member? If one member is expelled then that paves the way for others to be easily expelled, denying Police Officers their freedom of speech, not for what Olson falsely asserts are acts prejudicial to the interest of the association. Is giving notice and fighting against internal police misconduct committed by a handfull of “gangster” cops who targeted members of the CLSA, and PBA not worthy of being reported? Internal complaints letters, emails, as well as internal reports all indicate Olson and others have, to say the least,  committed official police misconduct.  Does holding the purse of the PBA ward off actions by city leaders?  This is the dark side of the Yonkers PBA under the leadership of Olson. He throws his weight around with the cash of approximately 485 dues paying members.

Since the chilly January PBA meeting, Olson and some of his precinct trustees began writing up expulsion petition against that Detective, which is ironically devoid of noting the reason for the action. The Detective  was struck by 4th Precinct Union Trustee William Pataky; how pathetic.  The other charges were just as frivolous as those written by Olson. Sources further advise that Olson reportedly called Police Commissioner (PC) Gardner himself and claimed there was some display of emotions at the meeting. What he did not tell PC Gardner is that he personally commenced another unauthorized investigation against that member. Internal reports say that Keith Olson himself called the Dunwoodie Golf Course and identified himself as Detective Keith Olson of the Yonkers PBA, and told a female Dunwoodie employee that he wanted all video and audio for the night of the January PBA meeting. He then reportedly told the employee that he would be sending a Yonkers Police Detective from the Detective Division’s Technical Unit that also collects evidence for IAD, and crime scenes to retrieve potential evidence of the incident without notifying any Detective Supervisor, Internal Affairs personnel, or any other police personnel. Olson then sent his long time Housing Unit friend Detective John Donaghy to retrieve potential evidence, since his petition stated that a crime was committed against Pataky. Detective Donaghy then, following Olson’s alged instructions, identified himself as a Yonkers Police Detective from the Detective Division while off-duty and removed “potential” evidence from the Dunwoodie premises without any legal authorization. That “potential” evidence was then reportedly looked at and analyzed by both Olson and Donaghy while on duty and from a city- owned computer. According to other employees at the facility, they were witness to the removal of the equipment.

While this was going on PC Gardner decided to commence his own investigation into Olson’s claims. Surprisingly, the Internal Affairs Division uncovered the investigation being conducted from the Office of the PBA when they arrived to interview employees of Dunwoodie.  The IAD discovered that Police Detective John Donaghy had already removed and tampered with “potential” evidence. According to information obtained after the incident, that property was found in Larchmont at the Detective’s home. The YPD has since then been investigating the entire incident, but has yet to file any official misconduct charges against Olson and others stemming from the January meeting. It was also reported that no one actually saw the mayhem but Olson and Pataky, who apparently have the same alibi (story) covering each other’s back against another union member. In fact, Olson represented Pataky during the IAD investigation, and Yonkers PBA Legal Counsel Quinn represented Olson. That conduct stinks of conflict; yet not a word from anyone.

As for the incident itself, it reeks of official gross misconduct sparked by a “gangster style” union leader and an “overpaid” union attorney that have lost their way by the smell of money. What’s the rationale for having a lawyer sit in on an official open union meeting?  Why is Quinn permitted to answer for Olson?  Why and how can he represent Olson or any PBA member if he was witness to the alleged stated incident, when he himself was present at the time of the incident, and he is himself a witness?  Andrew Quinn has a duty to fairly represent all members of the association regardless of his personal views.  Andrew Quinn has been silent as Yonkers PBA personal attorney, sidelined as Olson continues to tarnish the Office of President of the Yonkers PBA.

So while other members are being written up for not taking evidence to the lab on time, or overlooking to code a police report, others like Yonkers PBA President Olson have allegedly continued to breed contempt, and violated State and Federal laws by committing unauthorized investigations targeting certain police personnel. It’s a pretty dark side of the Office of the Yonkers PBA.  Can the City of Yonkers clean up this alleged unethical police union boss?  To whom do the good men and women of the Yonkers Police Department turn when Olson and others like Pataky target them?  What Olson has created are union agents who want what they want. It’s “High Noon “and the PBA leader is no longer looking out for CoY. The City of Yonkers (CoY) has a union leader whose conduct show him to be allegedly corrupt, unethical as a union boss, encouraging union members to maintain their silence by means of intimidation, and harassment by filing false reports. Maybe The Journal News should have asked Olson for cops’ personnel files. Olson has a history of removing and copying personnel police files.

Yonkers Tribune suspects when Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano began reading the Blue Truth series of articles that began over 10 months ago, he may not have believed its telling. Two months ago IAD started an internal investigation; one on a cop that went to Dunwoodie and seized a video recorder illegally at the request of Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, and another with regard to William Pataky for inciting a riot with another cop, again allegedly at the behest of PBA President Olson.

It does seem as though, cluck, cluck, the chickens have home to roost.

Cockle doodle do!







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