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Feeding Frenzy at the Taxpayer’s Expense


All too often Westchesterites perceive that politicians recoil from accommodating one another, preferring instead to point an accusatory finger of disdain upon the other. This is in fact a misnomer. It was on July 28, 2014, that the Yonkers Tribune published “THE HEZITORIAL EXCLUSIVE: Former Human Resources Commissioner Paula Redd Zeeman Seeks Re-employment by Yonkers to Qualify for Medical Insurance Coverage By HEZI ARIS”.
Years prior to Paula Redd Zeeman’s dismissal from the City of Yonkers as Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner, Paula Redd Zeeman was employed by the Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE) on a nod and a “wink, wink” from Westchester County Democratic Committee Chairman Reginald A. LaFayette. A “shout out to Paula Redd Zeeman for focusing my attention into the cesspool of intrigue and alleged “unbecoming” conduct by a few at the WCBoE.

After Ms Zeeman’s departure from the WCBoE, my memory was jostled by her eventual successor, Lila E. Kirton. Ms. Kirton had a personal relationship with David Paterson when he was New York State Governor. Prior to taking the position with the WCBoE, Ms. Kirton was hired to work as Chief of Staff for Westchester County Board Legislator Chairman Ken Jenkins at a salary of $135,000 per annum. Yet when Mr Jenkins lost his effort to challenge fellow Democrat Noam Bramson in the party’s designation of  a Democrat standard bearer to Noam Bramson, Mr. Jenkins would soon find himself losing the chairmanship of the Westchester County Board. When Legislator Michael Kaplowitz succeeded Mr Jenkins shortly thereafter, Ms. Kirton was relieved of future employment by Chairman Kaplowitz. That crisis became a reality for which Mr. Jenkins found personal remedy, becoming Yonkers Industrial Development Agency President. Ms Kirton found employ with the WCBoE, replacing Ms. Zeeman who became Commissioner at Yonkers Department of human Resources.

So far so good. Except for Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Public. It seems Ms Kirton has hidden behind a curtain of a different kind. She is paid approximately $90,000 plus benefits per annum at her “no show” job at the Westchester County Board of Elections.

Not to be outdone, Westchester Republican County Committee Law Chairman Guy Parisi, Esq., a Rye resident, is said to operate his law practice at no cost out of the offices of Westchester County Republican Co-Chairman Doug A. Colety, who is also the Election Commissioner. The issue with respect to Mr Parisi is that he is operating his business out of the Commissioner’s office and he has no authority to use the premises toward any regard other than to make inquiry of the WCBoE. He has no other rights. While he does not get paid, taxpayers pay for the offices of the WCBoE. Mr Parisi needs to clear himself out of the premises. He can easily afford to spend whatever it costs to set up shop in White Plains. If he can’t afford it,  there is always the concept of setting up a home/office.
It is evident by the two circumstances described above that no conflicts or ethical concerns would ever come to mind or even legal scrutiny when one can lay their head to sleep every night knowing that while one person washes one back, the other must wash the back of the first. A perfect “check” to obscure any chance for a “mate”, that in the game of “chess”, a “mate” is always found. On second thought, perhaps there is a “mate” after all.

Dominion Votings Systems is a voting system vendor, replete with a marking device and tabulator. In a business proposal prepared with respect to the State of Colorado, for Al Davidson, Department of State, on December 4, 2013, regarding the Request for proposal (RFP # CDOS-UVS-2013-01), many underwent and approved the implementation of the product. Among those involved were the State of Louisiana, City of Chicago and Cook County, IL, and Monroe and Westchester Counties, NY. Commissioner Reginald A. Lafayette, Democrat, signed on behalf of Westchester County, NY, as Commissioner Douglas Colety, Republican, signed on behalf of Westchester County, NY. They agreed to have the full system implemented for use in 52 of 58 election districts in New York State on equipment initially purchased as far back as 2008, incorporating the latest software upgrades, and to meet all HAVA regulations, including the use of Image Cast Ballot marking devices for the upcoming 2014 elections.
The only pertinent issue now is on how many junkets did our Honorable Co-chairmen participate at Dominion Votings Systems participate and with whom?





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