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New Rochelle 2015 Republican Candidates    

By Peggy Godfrey

The New Rochelle Republican City Committee has already found three candidates worthy of their support for the 2015 City Council election. 

In District 1, Councilman Lou Trangucci will be supported for his third term.  He told the Westchester Guardian that now more than ever New Rochelle faces major development issues that could change New Rochelle forever.  If must be determined if these changes will be good or bad.  He stated it's been an "honor and privilege to serve my city for eight years and I hope the people give me an opportunity to serve my final four. 

In District 2 Councilman Albert Tarantino also expressed that it has been "an honor and privilege to service for seven an one-half years.”  It has been an interesting time in his life and he said he worked as part of a team for the city. Echo Bay is an examples of how the people can work together to attain anything they want. At present, there is a need to find alternative incentives. Further he felt decisions now will be critical in the new four years. Finding new revenue streams is important and the renting of parking lots to car dealerships is an example of how thousands of dollars of city revenue can be generated. Another alternative revenue source must be found.  

In the Fifth District, Jeffrey Hastie, presently a Board of Education member, has decided to run for City Council after he saw how people joined together to fight against the Echo Bay plan.  He cited his experience on the Budget Advisory Committee, noting how controlling the present Mayor is.  An important reason he is running is to be fiscally responsible, especially because he holds a different perspective on development and ways to generate other revenue sources.

County Legislator Jim Maisano spoke briefly about his candidacy for reelection to the County Board of Legislators where he is minority leader.