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Guardian Editorial
January 8, 2015

The Westchester Guardian offers our deepest condolences to Mrs. Cuomo, the Governor and their family, upon the loss of former New York State Governor, Mario Cuomo. The former Governor was an eloquent and passionate, nationally recognized voice for the causes he supported who served three terms as Governor of the State of New York. How sad for Governor Andrew Cuomo to lose his father on New Year’s Day, shortly after he was sworn into office for his second term. Our thoughts and prayers are with them through this difficult time.


Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the unpopular choice to ban fracking in upstate New York. While we look forward to new opportunities for economic growth for our friends in the upstate counties, we applaud this decision and believe that history will prove this is the wiser course of action.  We must resist all attempts to exploit and destroy the pristine beauty of our state and guard our water supply from prospective pollutants.





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